At Timothy Christian School, we offer a well-rounded education.   All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective.

Our Programs

Banner: Two Kindergarten students are playing with blocks and practicing numbers.


Optional Full Time Kindergarten: We are pleased to offer Extended Kindergarten Program for families that wish to enroll their children.

French Banner:  Two students are reading a French book together using puppets.


Extended French is an approach to French teaching with increased time and intensity...

Math Banner:  Three students are using hundreds, tens, and ones blocks to practice math.


Students from Grades 1-8 learn Mathematics using JUMP Math...

Technology Banner:  One student is developing computer skills while working on a school chromebook.


In technology class, students learn practical skills about how to use a computer, develop websites, use office software, and how to use the computer as a tool.

Music Banner:  Two students are playing music together on the piano and the ukulele.


Music is introduced to the primary grades (JK-2) by teaching rhythm with sticks and shakers.  Boomwhackers are also used to teach basic note recognition, rhythm and playing songs as a class.

Building Community Banner:  A student in an older grade is reading a book to a student in a younger grade.

Building Community

Building Community is very important at Timothy Christian School. Each year students in all grades are given a buddy from a different grade.

Athletics Banner:  Student is participating in Track and Field Running Long Jump Event and jumping into a sand pit.


All students participate in physical-education classes throughout the school year.

Two students are exploring the St. Lawrence Seaway waterway

Project-based Learning

Students actively explore problems that are related to real-world issues, that challenge them and allow them to acquire a deeper knowledge.

Chapel Banner:  Students are raising their hands and singing in chapel.


Once a month we gather together as a community for chapel.