Williamsburg Food Drive

Today was a wet and rainy day, a day that we would have had indoor recess. Instead, we put on our rain coats and rubber boots, grabbed our umbrellas and took to the streets of Williamsburg.


We were going door to door to collect food for the Food Bank.

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A few weeks before the students in Grade 1-4 created special flyers and wrote letters that were mailed to all the people in Williamsburg, telling them we were coming and asking them to consider helping.

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We were very excited! We knew we had a chance to do something that would make a difference. We were going to meet our neighbours and ask them to share what they have with others. We were going to have a chance to live out our theme: Love God. Love Others.


It was amazing. We went and asked and people gave. People shared and showed love to others.

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There were even some people who weren’t home who left a package of food for us to collect.


When we returned to the school we were even more amazed. So much food! Spaghetti sauce and baked beans, maple syrup and Kraft dinner, apple sauce and granola bars. There was so much food! The people in Williamsburg shared and showed love to others.

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We gathered in a circle around the food and prayed. We thanked God for the people who gave food and we prayed for the people who will receive it. We gave thanks that we could join together with so many of our neighbours and show love to others. May the name of the Lord be praised!

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