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What did you experience this summer that made you curious and wonder about?

By Heidi Blokland

by Laura Dentz

For the past four years, Camp Adonai has been one of my favourite summer experiences.


Camp Adonai is an overnight camp for kids aged 9-15. The best thing about camp is that everyone there loves God and we get to worship him every day there. Going to camp, and experiencing how amazing it is, I wonder who started it.

I wonder how, when, and why camp started. I’m curious to know where they store things when we are not using them. Camp Adonai rents the property we use near Perth every year.

I am very thankful for the work people do during camp week. I also appreciate the work and organizing people do before and after camp. I wonder who those people are because if I knew I could thank them. Thank you to the people who created Camp Adonai. It is a great place to grow closer to God, meet new friends, and have fun. If you want to go to Camp Adonai go to the website