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Voices of Christmas

By Heidi Blokland

As we celebrate Christmas this season, our students performed “Voices of Christmas” which highlighted the reason for the season.

Students from grades 6,7 & 8 wrote and performed monologues for the Biblical characters who were part of the Christmas story. We heard the students’ interpretation of Mary, Joseph, Angel Gabriel, the wise men, Elizabeth, King Herod, and more. (Photos courtesy of Nation Valley News.)

Each class also performed along to Christmas songs, with choir singing, instruments, actions, sign language and finger lights.

photo courtesy of the Morrisburg leader

photo courtesy of Nation Valley News

A highlight for all family & friends in attendance was the entire student body arranged on the stage as they played a variety of instruments to a compilation of songs. Students played ukuleles, box drums, hand bells, boomwhackers, recorders in soprano, alto & bass, guitars, and rhythm sticks. It was a fantastic performance!

The video below is courtesy of Nation Valley News:

Various local news offices were invited to attend the dress rehearsal the day before, and there were great reviews written about the TCS Christmas Program. To see more pictures and read the reviews, please visit:

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