Track and Field 2019

By Heidi Blokland

A student told me recently that they like track and field day because they get to miss school.

“But you aren’t missing school,” I said. “Track and field is doing school.”

School is not just doing spelling tests or learning to write a paragraph.

Doing long jump or running your best in the 100 meter dash is just as important as working on math problems.

And the students have been working hard and learning a lot during this season of Track and Field.

Concentrating on the finish line and not giving up during the race.

Learning the proper way to throw a shot put.

Figuring out high jump.

Practicing great technique in long jump

As the students grow and develop their skills they demonstrate:

  • perseverance
  • determination
  • effort
  • strength
  • encouragement

…things we want them to display in all their learning.

We give thanks to God for how he created us.

He gives us the ability to run and jump and work hard to do our best.

May God alone be praised!