The Last Day

By Heidi Blokland

Today was the last day of our school year and our last moments together were spent praising God, raising the roof actually as we belted out our theme song: Build Your Kingdom Here.

We had sung this song at our end of the year chapel last year and it was such a powerful moment we decided we wanted it to be our theme for the upcoming school year.

  • We wanted to build God’s Kingdom here.
  • We wanted the darkness to fear.
  • We wanted God to show his mighty hand.
  • We wanted God to set our hearts ablaze with hope.

And here we are, one year later, knowing the words and the chords and the rhythms by heart, wondering if we’ve been God’s Kingdom Builders.

Well, we’ve made music together, lots of music together!

We’ve worked hard at learning together. We’ve learned many different things in many different ways.

We’ve had fun together…. lots of fun

And in all this we pray that our focus has not been on us, that it’s been on God and his kingdom.

We pray that God might rule in our hearts and use us in some small way to build his Kingdom. We want to be like the mustard seed that starts small and becomes a huge plant in the garden, a place for birds to nest.

And yet, we know that we have fallen short in many ways, that our sinfulness continually gets in the way of us being able to be true Kingdom Builders. And yet, its not our Kingdom, its Gods Kingdom. Timothy Christian School is Gods school and he calls all of us – students, teachers, parents, supporters – to be a part of his Kingdom work.

What a blessing to be called by the King of Kings to build His Kingdom!

We wish you all a blessed and amazing summer – full of wonder and joy and seeking first God`s Kingdom!