The Day Before March Break!!

By Heidi Blokland

Have you even wondered what goes on in a school on the day before March Break? Report cards for Term 2 are finished and everyone is thinking about the week ahead. So what do the teachers an students do all day?


The Kindergarten students were busy working at alphabet centers. Some were learning to read three letter words, some were practicing printing the alphabet and some were figuring out the beginning sounds of words. Everyone was hard at work, learning at their own level.

One student read a book to the class. It was enjoyed by all!

In Grade 1 and 2, students finished their Canadian province projects. The students had been doing research to learn interesting facts and they were excited to work on their posters. As you can see they are bright and colourful and informative!

Students in Grade 3 and 4 learned to play a new note on the recorder. They now know how to play a high D …. and play it they did!

In Grade 6, 7 and 8, they began the day with devotions and prayer.

They spent some time working on a math quiz and then did a math challenge. Students even stayed in for recess to finish the challenge!

And students in Grade 6-8 had a chance to meet one on one with their teacher to talk about the report card.

It was a great day and we all are thankful for God’s faithfulness to the school and all the learning that takes place there each day. We wish everyone a blessed March break!