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By Heidi Blokland

Dear friends, family, and supporters of TCS,Thank-you very much for participating and supporting the TCS Bike-a-thon of 2016! We raised over $11,000!

A special thank-you to the following:

  • All the families that participated and collected donations.
  • Paul, Betty, Calvin, and Cathy Dentz for donating apples and the grand prize.
  • Mike Dean’s for donating the food for the BBQ.
  • Canadian Tire and Morrisburg Home Hardware for donating some of the prizes.
  • Jerry Haayema for donating the posts for the signs.
  • Alice Schuler for making signs.
  • Ype VanderVeen and Dean Howland for putting up and taking down signs.
  • Jessica VanderVeen, Nicole Van’t Foort, and Zwany Haavenar for doing registration.
  • Rudi Biemond, Brent DeVries, and Pat Haavenar for barbequing.
  • The teachers for running the photo booth and the water station.
  • Hans and Alice Schuler for running the apple bobbing and the water station.
  • And a big thank-you to all the businesses for generously sponsoring the bike path: