Soccer Tournament 2019 by Mr. Johnson

I enjoy teaching sports to our students. It is an opportunity to praise God with our bodies, as well as learn important life skills such as teamwork, encouragement and leadership. It also gives students an opportunity to step outside of their immediate community and build connections through sport.

20190925 140317

This past week we were able to participate in the annual Christian Schools Soccer Tournament, annually hosted by CCS in Metcalfe. Students have been preparing for this tournament since the start of school and it has been great to see their skills develop and improve over the past month. We even had the opportunity to host an exhibition game against St. Lawrence Academy, a smaller Christian school in Prescott. 20190925 1402510 20190925 135022 Our students performed well at the soccer tournament. We won our first two games before bowing out in the semi-finals. Our students worked really hard and showed how their skills progressed. This was an especially impressive tournament, considering that we were a young team competing against other schools’ Grade 8s. I am really looking forward to what we can learn and accomplish for the rest of the year, and even into next year. 20190927 133757 20190927 150513