Shining with cookies!

By Heidi Blokland

It started as a classroom discussion about Hurricane Irma.

The students in Grade 5 learned about what was happening to people in Florida and they began to think about what they could do to help. They decided to do a fundraiser to help support the people who had lost their homes and belongings in the hurricane.

They went home and started baking. For 2 weeks they brought out cookies and brownies and tarts and sold goodies to raise money. Their goal was $50.

Today was the final day and when they tallied up the results they found out that they had raised $260.55!! They had enough money to help buy tools, food, a disaster kit and to help with clean up.

In talking to the Grade 5 students after I asked them how they were able to shine during this fundraiser. This is what they said

  • we helped people who were hurt by the hurricane
  • we showed that you need to think about other people
  • we gave an example of how you can shine

And they noticed that the students buying were also shining, as they would buy extra treats to give to their family members at home.

As these monies are sent to World Renew to help with the hurricane relief we pray for the people who receive the help, that they will know that God loves them and that his love and light are shining on them, even in the midst of this dark time for them.

“Let your light shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.” Matt 5:16