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Positive Learning Environment

By Heidi Blokland

What is Growth Mindset?

The mindset of an individual, whether a child learning in school or an adult with career goals, can change how one handles disappointments. If abilities are defined as something that needs to be demonstrated, or that intelligence and gifts are fixed from birth, there is no reason to try on things that seem to not come easy.

In a growth mindset, abilities are attainable and not fixed. Intelligence can be developed with learning, and setbacks are opportunities to grow further.

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It is common sense that ability in subjects inspires self-confidence, but when a child lacks confidence in a subject, that subject becomes more difficult to learn. By changing the language used, and praising efforts and hard-work instead of solely praising passing grades, we can encourage children that all things are able to be learned.

Mathematics is a subject that many children can get discouraged with, and may lead them to believe they are simply not math people. But by changing our mindset as we teach and learn math, we can see more confidence and greater understanding. All students are capable, and everyone can understand and succeed in math. As students set learning goals, they believe that intelligence is not fixed, but something that can be developed.

Growth mindset proves highly successful not only as subjects are learned, but as students continue with further education and careers.