Timothy Christian Williamsburg invites community to Celebration of Learning

By Heidi Blokland

South Dundas Inbox:

Friday, May 3rd – Timothy Christian School in Williamsburg opened their doors to the general public on Thursday evening and throughout the day on Friday to share their Celebration of Learning with everyone entering the premises. And the premises were decked out in all the creative and artistic glory the students could muster. It is a show well worth visiting.

The students have created displays of recycling questions and answers after they visited the municipal garbage dump to gather knowledge. They have created displays around the theme of ‘growing’ which include seeds, seedlings, and full blown growing plants. In another classroom students are inviting visitors to help prepare a beef Stroganoff dish to be delivered to the Food Bank. Bees are one of the big interests and there is a classroom chocked full of information on display. And a student created solar system has been installed in the gymnasium, complete with planets and lighting, constellations and information stations.

A Celebration of Learning continues throughout the day today and remains open to the general public. You will be made very welcome.

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photo credit: www.southdundasinbox.com