Outdoor Education Elective - a student's perspective

My Perspective on the Electives

By: Tyrel (Gr.8)

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Electives are a new thing we are trying out this year. We chose from 6 different workshops/classes. I decided that I would pick Outdoor Education. The first class we did involved walking through the golf course and getting fire wood for, well you guessed it, a fire. We of course had a flaw though (as all our classes have had already:)), the lighter was not working and we needed to cook our bannock! So I decided to try to get it to work and I tried this while Mr. Johnson was getting a better lighter. I actually got it to work (because of the brilliant woodsman I am!) and I noticed that Mr. Johnson was still getting the lighter so I ran to get him. By the time we were back though, the flame was gone. But we did in the end get it to work and have somewhat cooked bannock.

Now as you might have noticed there isn’t much snow on the ground and we decided we would go snowshoeing on our second week. In the end it worked out, and we were able to go but there wasn’t much snow so it was interesting to say the least. Now I think that these elective are a really fun way to learn and a great way to get to know the gr. 3/4/5s. Even though I will be graduated next year, I encourage the teachers of Timothy Christian School to keep this great and fun program going throughout the years to come.

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