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My Visit to TCS

By Marlene Luchies

By Monique Wissink, Manager of Timmy’s Place

My visit to TCS was a fun and informative one with the help of my tour guide, Kaylin. As I entered each classroom I was greeted by smiling faces. One little redheaded girl giggled as she waved to me.

Owl Cards designed by Kindergarten students at TCS.
Owl Cards designed by Kindergarten students.

I sat down to have a chat with a group of children from the Kindergarten class. They were excited to tell me all about Snowy Owls that have big yellow eyes and claws that are used when catching mice. They also explained that owls have to be very patient and that they see very well at night. I noticed on the wall a flyer advertising their owl pictures that were made into greeting cards for sale (4 for a $1.00) with the proceeds going to the World Wildlife Federation.

Each classroom was bright and cheery and the atmosphere was so peaceful I didn’t want to leave. Kaylin took me through each room and showed me what the classes were working on. That was also my first experience learning how to play three chords on the ukulele and I found out what a boomwhacker is.

Boomwhackers were one of the many new items purchased for students from a generous donor.
Gr. 1/2 love the boomwhackers!

When I asked Kaylin what she liked about Timothy Christian School she immediately answered that it was like a family here and that they care for each other. Often the friendships that are made here, are for life. There is a sense of watching out for each other and then she talked about having two little buddies that she helps out.


At one point, I saw students getting up from their seats and turning on the vacuum and grabbing a broom to clean up after lunch. Even the little ones have responsibilities to keep things sparkling.

I was introduced to the concept of Kingdom Building Groups and how they develop their skills when working and problem solving together. They are encouraged to use their creative mind by doing hands-on activities.

Timothy Christian School challenges their students

through a variety of programs and

gives these young people a solid foundation.




What a pleasure it was to walk the halls of Timothy Christian School and to meet the superheroes that teach our children.