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Meeting our Member of Parliament

By Heidi Blokland

The students in Grade 5-6 are learning about Canadian government.

Last week, through the wonder of technology, the Honourable Mr. Eric Duncan, M.P. zoomed into their classroom!

They had the chance to ask him questions.

Question: How many MPs work in Ottawa? Answer: There are 338 MPs, but right now with the pandemic there are only about 40-50 who work in the House of Commons.

Question: Does the federal government have to agree with the decision to move the Williamsburg cenotaph? Answer: It is not a federal decision so they don’t need to decide. It is a municipal project.

Question: What made you want to be a politician? Answer: I have always really liked to help people and try to solve problems. Canada is a wonderful place and I enjoy my big, busy job.

Question: Do you get time off for Christmas? Answer: Yes, we have a Christmas break. It will be different this year because of the restrictions, but I have Netflix 🙂

Question: Is it scary talking in front of lots of people? Answer: I used to be scared talking to lots of people, but practice has helped me not to be nervous. Also, If you are passionate about what you are doing and saying that will help you not to be nervous.

Question: Is being an MP your dream job? Answer: Yes! I love what I do.

It was a great visit. The students learned a lot and were thankful for the opportunity to learn about being a Member of Parliament.

We thank God for our leaders.