Learning to Shine - Grade 7-8 Chapel

By Heidi Blokland

Chapel is always a special time at Timothy Christian School. It is a time for us to gather together as a school community in praise and worship. This morning we were excited to meet as the students in Grade 7 and 8 led us in chapel.

They began by teaching us a new birthday song, a song that we could sing in a round!

We invited all our friends who have a birthday in September to come forward and we sang our new song to them.

And then we sang some songs of praise to our God together. How amazing to make music together, to sing and play instruments together, all in worship to our God!

What does it mean to shine? The students in Grade 7 and 8 helped us understand a little bit more about how we can shine for Jesus.

They taught us that we need to be like a candle not a sparkler. A candle keeps shining and shining and shining. A sparkler is a lot of fun, but it only shines for a little while and then it goes out.

They also taught us that we need to glow and glowing means that we do and say kind things for others. We look for opportunities to help people around us. We are thankful when others help us. We say encouraging words. We do all this because of God’s amazing love for us.

Each one of us was given a special gift to remind us to shine – we all got a little glow stick to wear on our wrist. What fun!

Our chapel ended with something very special. The students in Grade 8 wrote a benediction based on a couple passages from scripture. Together we spoke words of hope and blessing, reminding each other that we are children of the light, created to shine, and that all we do should give glory to God.

We are thankful for an amazing chapel. We love being able to meet together as a community to worship and give glory to God. You are always invited to join us for chapel. Our next chapel will be on Friday, October 20 beginning at 8:45. It will be led by the students in Grade 3, 4 and 5.

You are invited! We hope you can make it!!