Learning in Senior Kindergarten

Every other Monday the students in Senior Kindergarten have a day where they work especially hard. They come together to practice and use the skills that they have been learning. I recently had a chance to peek in and see what they were working on. All the students were gathered together in a circle playing a sight word game.


They each took turns choosing a word and then trying to read it. It was awesome to see them work hard to try and sound out the words.

P1180021 P1180024

And then they did some writing about what they did over March break. As you can see they are able to spell many sight words and are using the letters and sounds they know to write new words. Fantastic!

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Another thing they worked on was reading and writing numbers up to 50.

P1180029 P1180028

The students in Senior Kindergarten are doing a great job learning to read and write. They are excited to learn and work hard each day when they come to school. We are very proud of them!