Joy in Learning about China

By Heidi Blokland

These past few months, the Grade ¾ class has been learning about the country of China.

Some highlights included “virtual field trips”.

The first trip was to the Great Wall of China.

And then they went to the Forbidden City.

They learned about the Terracotta Warriors and sculpted their own.

They even had an expert share … our very own Mrs. Daye, who had lived in China for 2 years.

Students also had the opportunity to reflect on their own faith as they learned about some of the other religions that exist in China. Students were humbled to learn about some of the difficulties that Christians experience in China, difficulties that we are spared here in Canada. Take a moment to read some of their reflections.

  • It must be hard to be a Christian in China because you can’t go to church. I hope all Christians are safe.
  • It is different because in China you would get persecuted. If you are a Christian and want to go to church, you have to do it at somebody’s house.
  • In China, the churches don’t have crosses in them and they cannot talk about Jesus.
  • It’s different because in China if you’re a Christian you could get hurt. In Canada, we’re free to be Christian.
  • It is hard to be a Christian in China because the government has to tell you what to teach and if you don’t listen, the government will tear down the church.

It is exciting to get to learn about a new country and culture. The Grade 3/4 students were always asking new questions about China and wanted to learn. It is a joy to see the care our students have for the world God has created around them!