Hip Hip Hooray, It's the 100th Day!

By Heidi Blokland

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s the 100th Day!

On Wednesday, Feb 22nd, the Gr. 1/2 class celebrated one of their favourite days. 100 Day! They had been patiently counting down the days of school to reach the 100th day of school, and could not wait to celebrate the day by participating in a wide variety of activities all planned around the number 100!

After creating their 100 day crowns, students began to work in their 100 day activity book. They completed dot to dot pages to 100, found 100 rhyming words, solved a word puzzle to find the secret 100 day message, and completed other fun literacy based activities.

For Math, students separated into groups and completed different Math centres. Some of the centres included: building a 100 cup tower, estimating and measuring how much 100 drops of water is, seeing how many times it took to roll a dice to make 100, and finally measuring and weighing their bag of 100 items they had been asked to bring in. It was fun to see how long some of the lines of 100 things went down the school hallway!

Students also counted and created patterns using 100 fruit loops. A favourite 100 day activity because when they are done, they get to eat their tasty creation!

For Creative Writing, students created a class book entitled “Things We’ve Been Told 100 Times.” It was hilarious to read some of the things they know their parents or teacher have told them 100 times to do!

Students also completed a page on “Before I Turn 100 I Want To…” Some of their bucket list items were very interesting to read. This kids have big dreams for their futures! Check out their writing in the hallway by the Gr. 1/2 room if you would like to read more of them!

Finally we completed a 100 day themed art. Students cut out the number 100, and then had to somehow incorporate it into their drawing. They showed excellent creativity, and it was interesting to see all of the ways that 100 could be made into a picture!

100 days of learning, 100 days of fun, 100 days of work and play, yes we’re the lucky ones!