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Grade 5-6 Playground Project

By Heidi Blokland

Since September the students in Grade 5-6 have been working hard on a special project focused on the school playground.

They started with the Driving Question: How can we make improvements to our playground that build knowledge, build faith and build community?

With that question always in mind they researched playgrounds and spent time observing our own playground, noticing how and where students played.

From there they developed a project proposal.

The students had a chance to present their ideas to local experts and receive feedback that they used to improve their projects.

They also gave feedback to each other.

Using feedback they re-worked their projects and made presentations to the class. As a class they voted to determine which projects they wanted to present to the school board. They judged the projects based on cost, maintenance, creative play value, learning opportunities and other criteria.

Last week the students presented 4 projects to members of the school board, asking them to consider making their project proposal a reality.

The students have worked very hard on their projects and are hoping that their creative and well though out ideas will soon help to improve our playground while also building knowledge, faith and community.

Well done, Grade 5-6 students!