Grade 3-4 Chapel: Learning from the Judges

By Heidi Blokland

Here I am to worship …. Here I am to bow down ….. Here I am to say that you’re my God.

As we gathered for chapel recently, the Grade 3-4 students went on the stage and played this song on the bells. They reminded us why we gathered together – to worship and acknowledge that God is Lord of all.

And then together as a community we joined our voices in worship to our God.

The Grade 3-4 class has been learning about the Judges and they explained to us what we can learn from the judges.

  • Othniel teaches us to be brave.
  • Ehud teaches us to be smart.
  • Deborah teaches us to be wise.
  • Gideon teaches us to trust.
  • Jephthah teaches us to be bold.
  • Samson teaches us to be strong.

We can learn a lot from the Judges. The Israelites lived in a time when they did whatever they wanted. It never went well for them. But God send the Judges to deliver the Israelites. We need to stay rooted in God so that he can help us through tough times.

We are thankful to the Grade 3-4 students for teaching us about the Judges. May we be encouraged to be brave, smart, wise, trusting, bold and strong in God.