Grade 1-2 learns about Community Helpers

By Heidi Blokland

This fall, Grades 1&2 began their study on “Community Helpers.” During the first lesson, they brainstormed all the community helpers that are found in their community. From the web of ideas that the students came up with, they chose some jobs to investigate and discover more about. From the very first lesson, students were engaged and took ownership of their learning because they got to have a hand in choosing what they wanted to learn more about.

The first “Community Helper” studied was the Firefighter. Before embarking on their trip to the fire station, students read some books together, watched some videos, and had some class discussions on the jobs that Firefighters do, and why they are important to the community. Students then each came up with some questions they wanted to ask on their trip. Armed with questions and much excitement, students headed to the Morrisburg Fire Station!

The visit to the Fire Station was amazing! A special thank you to the Firefighters who took time to explain all about their job to the students! Students were able to try on the Firefighters’ Bunker gear, explore all the equipment and trucks, and even got to hear the loud siren and see the lights! What a fun morning of learning!

Our next community helpers was the Police. Before a special visit to our classroom, students again met and came up with many, many questions they wanted answered! They weren’t disappointed! Officer Copeland not only answered every question and more, but he also let the students try on his vest, showed them how his taser works, and also had to make a surprise arrest right in class! Thankfully, the student was freed on good behaviour, and we were able to finish our visit. Students were allowed to explore the police car, sit in the backseat, and also turn on the lights and sirens. What an exciting day!

Next, the Grade 1&2s had a special visit from Mrs. Billett, a Nurse Practitioner. She came armed with masks, gloves, syringes, and many bandages! The students excitedly learned how to properly put on a mask and gloves, and got to practice bandaging their friends and themselves! They also practiced measuring and filling syringes with some fun coloured water. Mrs. Billett taught the students how to find their heartbeat, and patiently answered the many questions that the class had on what different jobs nurses do.

Students have been so excited to learn more about each community helper! It is wonderful to see them engage in their learning. I wonder who will be visiting next?