Gr. 6/7/8 trip to McMaze

Today the Gr. 6/7/8 class spent the day at McMaze near Cornwall. They worked on team work strategies and building community as they tackled some mazes and activities together.

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First up – a grass maze. Students rushed in to try and find their way through a maze of grass, while also looking for clues. We learned that it is important to look at the map and make a plan!

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After working through the grass maze, we had some debriefing time. We talked about things that went well, and lessons that we learned. We took what we learned about team work and following a plan, and put it to use in the second maze.

After the mazes, we had a chance to try out some of the fun activities at the farm.

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14310345_521815964676089_1758660547304220159_o 14290072_521816008009418_3782847490683537605_o

14324245_521816194676066_776745650998628806_o 14324240_521816161342736_8740584684636680093_o

14242275_521816691342683_8360790746513982332_o Pig Races!

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14257660_521816664676019_2308488633032226296_o 14352165_521816858009333_7365346988592529256_o

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What a great day!