Festive Field Trip!

Inspired by Carl Linnaeus, the students in Grade 5-6 recently went on a Festive Field Trip.

Maybe you don’t know much about Carl Linnaeus. He lived in the 1700’s and he loved all living things. He especially liked knowing the names of all living things and finding ways to order and classify them. On Saturdays, he would lead Festive Field trips with people in his community. They would go for a walk in the woods to explore God’s creation. They’d bring picnic lunches, kettle drums and bugles. When someone found a rare species the bugles would sound.

carolus linnaeus swedish naturalist 1707 1778 DG0WBX

The idea of a Festive Field Trip sounded amazing, so off we went to explore the woods.

We found amazing fungi!

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We explored trees and tried to figure out their circumference and height.

P1180677 P1180675

We took some time to pause and reflect in the woods. And we did some sketching.

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We didn’t bring a bugle along, but we did bring bucket drums, recorders and ukuleles! To see more about our Festive Field Trip and to hear us praising God in the woods, take a few moments to watch this video.

Carl Linnaeus believed that by studying what God created you can learn more about God. We agree! We learned that God is creative, powerful and incomparable.

We had an amazing time in the woods. It was a time of joy and wonder and giving glory to God.