Fab Friday: Royalty Day

For our first Fab Friday of the year, we dressed like kings, queens, princesses and knights!

At our chapel, we talked about how we are all royalty because we are sons and daughters of the King. But… the King we serve humbled Himself and became a servant.

In our groups, we brainstormed ways that we can serve each other.

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We even had a horse and a cook at school!


It was a beautiful day, and it was extra fun to run at recess with flowing dresses and robes.


In Grade 7/8, students wore their fancy frocks as they solved an algebra mystery.

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At lunch time, hotdogs were served in style.

14633306_533129093544776_606461543116454177_o 14590056_533129090211443_7327584757377438286_o We ate with our Kingdom Builder teams, giving us a chance do spend time in different rooms with students from other classes. 14542439_533129190211433_8789549295944882718_o 14633484_533129856878033_6872682254708445182_o 14590162_533129763544709_6803191340856547415_o 14633332_533129040211448_8906967677608334589_o Thumbs up for a great Fab Friday! 14556719_533129813544704_5614023134675190208_o