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Extended Kindergarten Update

By Heidi Blokland

We are in our second year of offering Extended Kindergarten, a program which gives families the option of choosing full time kindergarten for their children.

The Regular Kindergarten Program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Extended Kindergarten Program runs Tuesday and Thursday.

The Extended Kindergarten Program is an educationally rich environment with lots of opportunities for exploration, discovery and play. The students enjoy music, story time, crafts, centers, gym class and more. Although new concepts are not taught during this time, lessons taught in the Regular Kindergarten Program are reinforced through this program.

There is a lot of joy in our Kindergarten classroom as the students explore and play and learn.

They are building knowledge, building faith and building community!

If you want to know more about our Kindergarten program and see what we can offer your family, contact the school to arrange a visit. 613-535-2687 or