Joy in learning French

By Heidi Blokland

Here at Timothy Christian School in Williamsburg the students in Grade 5-6 are part of the Extended French program.

Are you wondering what the Extended French program is all about? Take a few minutes to read this blog post.

The program involves:

  • Relevant themes
  • Increased time and intensity
  • Authentic situations
  • Emphasis on oral language
  • Automatic and intrinsic

The class spends their first 100 minutes of every day learning in French!

Every morning they join together in a circle where they greet each other, share, pray and play games in French.

Here they are playing the game of “I have, who has” in French.

And here they work together to put the story of the 3 Little Pigs in order, all in French.

Each day, one student is the Mini Prof and they lead the rest of the class in talking about the date and the weather and thoughts about the day.

The students do research and work on projects in French.

They are learning about things that are important to them, about family and sports and food, and they are doing it all in French.

One student said that when he was in Grade 4 he could hardly say one sentence in French and now he can share what he did on the weekend, all in French. We are seeing amazing results with this program. Students are growing in confidence and they are excited to be learning in French.

There is joy in the journey!

Do you want to learn more about what the Extended French program at Timothy Christian School can offer your child? Contact the school at or 613-535-2687. Or just stop by and visit – we’d love to show you around.