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Electives - Day #1

By Heidi Blokland

Excitement was high on Friday afternoon as we began our new year of electives. Each year in January, the students in Grade 3-8 get to choose an elective that they want to participate in. This year they had 10 amazing choices: basketball, fitness, sewing, guitar, engines, woodworking, curling, ice cream, cooking and science & tech.

We run electives for 3 reasons.

#1 – we want our students to build knowledge.

We want them to learn new things, connect to things they already know, expand on what they know and practice new skills.

Some things the students learned this week are:

  • how to dribble and do a lay-up
  • the difference between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke engine
  • how to strum the G chord
  • why you need to sweep a rock in curling
  • the ingredients from the first ice cream recipe

#2 – we want our students to build faith.

We want them to grow in their relationship with Jesus by seeing how they can use new skills to serve others and by giving praise and worship to God for all the amazing things we can learn.

#3 – we want our students to build community.

Electives gives our students a chance to build community with:

  • other students, as they learn with students from different grades
  • experts, as most of our electives are lead by amazing volunteers from the community
  • home school students, as this year we invited home school families to participate with us and there are 20 home school students who we are learning and building community with.

Electives run for 5 Friday afternoons in January and February, so check back here for more updates on our learning!