Défilé de Mode 2018

By Heidi Blokland

On Friday, May 11 we learned about fashion and French at the same time.

The students in Grade 5-8 wowed us during the French Fashion Show!

Madame Tripp explains the process and the work behind this amazing fashion show. “The students started the unit on Les vêtements by learning to talk about what they were wearing that day. We wrote paragraphs describing their outfits based on a model we co-wrote.Then, we discussed the different types of clothing worn in each season, using our knowledge of weather descriptors. They loved writing and presenting weather reports! Next, we filled two suitcases with clothing for different destinations: Aruba and the Rocky Mountains! We learned to talk about our choice of clothing based on the climate, and wrote paragraphs describing what would go in our suitcases.

Finally, we brainstormed different situations we could present at the fashion show, and wrote 4-5 sentences describing the outfits. Each student described their own outfit and created a little story line to go along with it. Then, we assigned readers for each of the texts and started practicing reading them! It’s a lot harder to read a text someone else has written vs reading something you’ve written yourself, so I was very proud of how well they did!

“Aujourd’hui Steve Havenaar va construire une table. Il porte un pantalon Carhartt beige et un t-shirt gris. Même s’il n’a pas de protège casque il a un marteau, un ruban de mesure et un crayon. Il porte aussi un chapeau de camo parce qu’il fait du soleil.”
“Voici Petra. Elle travaille à l’hôpital. Petra porte une robe blanche et des chaussures noires. Merci d’aider les malades!”

“C’est l’été, Haley est à cheval, elle est une cow-girl. Elle porte un chapeau noir, et des bottes noires. Elle porte aussi une veste brune de cow-girl et une jupe brune. N’oublie pas ton lasso Haley!”

Many of the students loved the authenticity of the tasks and were excited to have a real audience at the end! A few really ran with the writing and I had to shorten their texts so that the models wouldn’t be left on the stage too long. They learned that timing is everything!”

The students have worked very hard in French this year and it showed!