Creative Dance Elective - Student perspective

A student’s perspective on the Creative Dance Elective

By Siena (Grade 7)

dance 6

Recently, grades 3-6 have been participating in 6 different electives/workshops: Outdoor Education, Little Bits, Box Drum, French Cuisine, Creative Dance, and Passe Trap. Each Friday we would wait *patiently *until 2:00 pm, which is when they began. I was in Creative Dance along with 5 other students. The first thing we always did was a warm up (stretches). Then Mrs. Van Dyke, our elective leader would open in prayer.

Yes, we learned how to dance, but we also learned that dance can be a part of worship. Worshiping God can be singing, why not add a dance to go along with it?

dance 2 dance 3

In the Creative Dance elective we learned many different styles. Swing, Jazz, Street Jazz, Pop, Ballet, and we also learned how to dance with flags. In the end, we put together a dance, combining the different techniques.


I don’t think I had a favourite style, I just really enjoyed all of it. I had a lot of fun learning how dance and yet praise God at the same time. A big thanks to Mrs. Van Dyke, who helped us learn how to dance and worship our Lord.