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Creative Dance Elective - Student perspective

By Heidi Blokland

A student’s perspective on the Creative Dance Elective

By Siena (Grade 7)

Recently, grades 3-6 have been participating in 6 different electives/workshops: Outdoor Education, Little Bits, Box Drum, French Cuisine, Creative Dance, and Passe Trap. Each Friday we would wait *patiently *until 2:00 pm, which is when they began. I was in Creative Dance along with 5 other students. The first thing we always did was a warm up (stretches). Then Mrs. Van Dyke, our elective leader would open in prayer.

Yes, we learned how to dance, but we also learned that dance can be a part of worship. Worshiping God can be singing, why not add a dance to go along with it?

In the Creative Dance elective we learned many different styles. Swing, Jazz, Street Jazz, Pop, Ballet, and we also learned how to dance with flags. In the end, we put together a dance, combining the different techniques.


I don’t think I had a favourite style, I just really enjoyed all of it. I had a lot of fun learning how dance and yet praise God at the same time. A big thanks to Mrs. Van Dyke, who helped us learn how to dance and worship our Lord.