Considering TCS, but have questions?

By Heidi Blokland

Are you considering Timothy Christian School, but have questions?

Take a moment to read this blog post to find some answers. If you want to learn more, please call or visit the school. We look forward to the conversation.

Q. What is the mission of the school?

A. Timothy Christian School is an independent elementary school that educates children through Christ-centred quality programs that combine faith and learning. Our mission is lived out each day as we work with students to help them build knowledge, build faith and build community.

Q: How does the Bible fit into your programs?

A: We believe that God is the creator of all and that all things hold together through Jesus Christ. Knowing that, we seek to teach all of our subjects from a Biblical perspective. Some subjects allow for more of that than others, but teachers make a continuous effort to make connections between concepts and Biblical applications in all subjects.

Q: Do you have French immersion?

A: No, but we have a solid French program at every grade level. Students in Grade 5-6 are in the Extended French program, where they spend the first 100 minutes of every day learning in French. Extended French uses a theme based program that is designed to help students speak and use French in authentic situations.

Q: Is the school involved in any kind of skills testing?

A: Yes. Three times a year the students in Grade 3-8 complete an online testing that assesses their skills in Language and Math. The assessment adapts individually to each student and gives a picture of what the student is able to do and what they are ready to learn.

Q. Do you offer full time Kindergarten?

A. Yes, we offer optional full time Kindergarten for parents who would like it. The regular Kindergarten program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday and is taught by a certified teacher. The Extended Kindergarten program runs Tuesday and Thursday and is taught by a certified Early Childhood Educator.

Q. Are your teachers certified?

A. Yes. All teachers have been certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and many of them have been certified through the Christian School Association as well. In addition, teachers regularly participate in Profession Development opportunities.

Q: Is the tuition fee set on a per child basis?

A: No, there is one family rate. The tuition fee covers all of the school-age children in the family. However, you don’t pay full tuition until your oldest child is in Grade 1. For a child to attend Junior or Senior Kindergarten the fee is less than standard tuition.

Q: How is the financial investment to send our children to your school determined?

A: Our school is financed by tuition fees and donations. We are an independent school, outside of the two public systems, so we receive no direct government funding. Tuition fees are determined at the spring membership meeting of the Timothy Christian School Society.

Q: Is there financial support available?

A: There is a bursary committee with limited funds in place to help families who truly desire a Christian education for their children but whose income doesn’t allow for the complete payment of these tuition amounts.

Q: Are there any financial incentives available to parents?

A: Yes. Because Timothy Christian School is a registered charity, a portion of what parents pay for tuition is treated as a charitable donation. The other portion, known as the Cost per Student, is not eligible for a tax receipt. The difference between the amount paid and the Cost per Student portion is the amount that can be claimed on your tax return as a charitable donation.

Q: Where do all your school families live?

A: We have a large geographical base. We have families from Kemptville to Cornwall, Iroquois to Chesterville sending their children.

Q: Is transportation included in the tuition?

A: No. There are no school buses. All of our parents drive their children to school, mainly through car pools.

Q: Is your school controlled by the Christian Reformed Church?

A: No, it isn’t. A number of families attend Christian Reformed Churches and this denomination has been in the forefront of Christian day schooling in Canada for more than 50 years. However, Timothy Christian School has many different denominations represented in our student body.

Q: Who actually controls this school?

A: We are a society-controlled school. Parents are elected by the society membership to serve terms on the Board of Directors. In addition, a number of committees provide valuable information to the Board on a regular basis.

Q: How long has this school been in existence?

A: Since 1963.

Q: How many other Christian schools are in Ontario?

A: About 75 schools, including ours, make up Edvance, the Christian School Association of Ontario, educating almost 13,000 students.

More questions? Contact us at or 613-535-2687