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Community Breakfast

By Heidi Blokland

This morning the school hosted a community breakfast as the entry event to our spring projects.

As a whole school we are considering the question: Who is my neighbour?

And so we gathered together as a community to enjoy a pancake breakfast.

As we ate and talked with the people around us we thought about a couple of questions.

Take a moment to read our questions and some of the responses.

  • Who is my neighbour?

    • friends, family, relatives
    • people who are next to me
    • anyone that I come across and need help of any kind
    • everyone
    • my neighbour is a person who I come into contact with who God has a plan for
    • everyone, even people you don’t love
  • What does it mean to be a good neighour?

    • it means that you’re good to a neighbour
    • by helping others
    • helping other all the time
    • include everyone
    • it means to take care of each other
    • to respect each other
    • to be with them if they might be lonely
  • How can we be a good neighbour in our community?

    • by sharing everything we have and they need
    • by listening to others and sharing our thoughts
    • volunteer to help the elderly
    • make pancakes for others
    • go to the grocery store and get food for them
    • invite people to the family movie night
    • pray for people
    • say hello when you see people
    • snowplow their driveway

We are very thankful for all the people who are a part of our community and wondered who else should be a part of our community.

Over the next few months all the students will be spending time with others in our neighbourhood and try to build community with them. We look forward to meeting new friends, learning new stories, and expanding our community.

We pray that God will lead and guide us as we seek to make connections with our neighbours. Please follow our weekly blog posts to learn more about the projects and to consider with us the question: Who is my neighbour?

Mark Thursday, April 30 at 7pm and Friday, May 1 at 10am on your calendar. Those are the dates for our Celebration of Learning when we will share our projects with you.