Christmas Musical 2019

By Heidi Blokland

C.A.K.E. was the name of our Christmas musical. It stands for Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment.

As the musical was all about doing acts of kindness, we decided to do some acts of kindness ourselves.

  • The Grade 7 students baked and decorated over 200 cupcakes that were served at the performances
  • The Grade 3-4 students designed Christmas cards that were sold and the proceeds were given to Community Food Share in Morrisburg. They were able to donate $162.
  • As a whole community we collected over 250 pairs of mittens and socks that were given to the House of Lazarus.

We are thankful that as a community we can work together and share God’s love with others.

Here is a recording of our dress rehearsal. We hope you enjoy watching it!