Christmas Cheer!

Christmas is coming and we are excited!

The school is a festive place, with classroom doors beautifully decorated.



Each door design has a theme with all the students adding something to the design.



We also have daily Christmas trivia questions. Questions like: what gift was given on the tenth day of Christmas? and what was Scrooge’s first name? and what three words describe the Grinch?


The students can submit their answer and each day a name is drawn to win a candy cane.



The students created Christmas pictures used to make some beautiful Christmas cards.

These TCS Christmas cards can be purchased from the school office.

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DOC120120 12012020081021 0001

DOC120120 12012020080951 0001

DOC120120 12012020082138 0001

And lots of work is happening to prepare for the Virtual Christmas Program, which will premiere on Facebook next Thursday, December 17 at 7pm.


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Christmas is a special time and we are thankful for Christmas cheer.

But most of all we are thankful for Jesus who brings hope and joy!

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