Christmas Card Service Project

The students in Grade 3-4 have been thinking about how to use what they love to do to be a blessing to others. One thing they love to do is to draw and colour.

They wondered if they could create Christmas cards to sell and then give the proceeds to others in need.

Here are some of the cards they designed.

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And a few more:

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And still more:

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The message inside each card was also written by the Grade 3-4 students. Inside each card it says:

Merry Christmas!

May your celebration of Jesus’ birthday be filled with joy!

As a class they discussed where the money should go and finally decided to give all the proceeds to Community Food Share in Morrisburg. After doing the Williamsburg Food Drive in October and learning how the Community Food Share makes a difference, they decided that they wanted to strengthen that relationship.

They have created packs of 8 cards for $5. If you are interested in buying a pack, or two, please contact the office at 613-535-2687 or Cards will be available until December 20.

Together we can make a difference!