Canada Projects

By Alyssa DeKleine

The Grade 1&2s recently completed projects on the provinces and territories of Canada. Done independently during class time, students were first taught how to locate information on the provincial bird and flower for their chosen province/territory. They were all given information cards on the bird or flower for their province, and from those cards they located the information needed for their poster.

Next students were taught how to create a bold and eye-catching title. They traced letters from stencils, and coloured and outlined them brightly on their posters.

Finally, students coloured their province on a blank map, and glued all of their information on their poster. They then looked through “Our Canada” magazines and located pictures of their province to glue on.

The final products looked amazing! Students did a great job learning how to research, and how to glue information attractively on a poster. They not only enjoyed learning fun facts and information about their chosen province/territory, but they also learned the beginning skills needed to research and create information posters.