Building God's Kingdom

The Grade 3-4 students were asked to write about how they could bring God’s Kingdom to TCS.

This is what we came up with!

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“We can play with the lonely kids on the playground.” – Petra

“We can share things and NO more fighting!” – Ben

“God’s kingdom means patience and being kind” – Braydon

“We can pray, sing, and praise Him.” – Cian

“We can build God’s kingdom by being like the Holy Spirit.” – Brandon

“Trying to have a right and honest heart.” – Angelina

“We could share God’s love.” – Micah VG
“We can tell other people about Jesus and tell bullies to stop.” – Micah VD

“We have chapel where the whole school comes together to sing songs!” – Miriam

“God’s kingdom is love and peace and it is heaven in us.” – Tessa

“We can be kind, spread the Holy Spirit and do nice things.” – Sam

“We build His kingdom by praying for people because we help people.” – Noah

“If people don’t know God, we could tell them about God.” – Haley




We pray that everyday and in every way

we will bring God’s Kingdom!