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Building God's Kingdom

By Heidi Blokland

The Grade 3-4 students were asked to write about how they could bring God’s Kingdom to TCS.

This is what we came up with!


“We can play with the lonely kids on the playground.” – Petra

“We can share things and NO more fighting!” – Ben

“God’s kingdom means patience and being kind” – Braydon

“We can pray, sing, and praise Him.” – Cian

“We can build God’s kingdom by being like the Holy Spirit.” – Brandon

“Trying to have a right and honest heart.” – Angelina

“We could share God’s love.” – Micah VG
“We can tell other people about Jesus and tell bullies to stop.” – Micah VD

“We have chapel where the whole school comes together to sing songs!” – Miriam

“God’s kingdom is love and peace and it is heaven in us.” – Tessa

“We can be kind, spread the Holy Spirit and do nice things.” – Sam

“We build His kingdom by praying for people because we help people.” – Noah

“If people don’t know God, we could tell them about God.” – Haley




We pray that everyday and in every way

we will bring God’s Kingdom!