Build a Box Drum Elective - student perspective

Build a Box Drum Elective

by Naomi – Grade 7


Have you ever done an elective? I am learning how to drum, as an elective this year . I chose this elective because lately I have been always hitting out beats as we sing. So I could learn a better rhythm and timing for this, I selected the Build a Box Drum elective.

drum1 drum3

We have built a cajon (box drum) and now we are staining it. The first week we were introduced to our leaders and we built the frame of the drum. To start the next session, we practiced drumming on the desks. We also glued the front of the drum on. In the next elective session we again started with drumming but this time we got to use our drums! We had to do it first because we started staining. The next time we met we finished doing the base coat. On Monday we will be putting the finishing coat and stenciling a design on with tracing paper.


We have learned 4/4, 8th and 16th timing beats. Why don’t you try 16th timing? Use a surface by you. Hit farther away, 1. Then hit the edge of the table three times, e-and-a. Do this three more times. You now have completed a 4/4 bar, in 16th timing.


In my elective, I have two group leaders, Mr. Dave Verburg and Mr. Mike Luchies, who are both excellent leaders. Mr Verburg has taught us how to drum and helped us build our drums. Mr. Luchies has helped us to build our drums and has brought humour to our group because he often jokes around. Because I know how to drum I can now use it to bring joy to others life with music.