Buddies for everyone!

By Heidi Blokland

For many years at TCS the Kindergarten students have had a big buddy. They are paired with an older student and throughout the year they form a strong relationship.

Today the students in Kindergarten were paired with someone in Grade 5-7. It was an exciting day as they found out who their buddy was going to be and were able to do an activity together.

Check out their smiling faces!

This year we decided to also pair up the students in Grade 1-2 with students in Grade 3-4.

Everyone was very excited!!

Buddies for everyone!

We know that we all need someone to be looking out for us and by giving every student in the school a buddy we hope that we can help our students learn to care for and support each other.

We want our students to be seen and know – by their teachers and also by each other. Giving everyone a buddy will help them to know others who are not in their classroom. It gives our students a chance to build community.

We want to be intentional in building community at TCS this year, and buddies for everyone is a first step!