By Heidi Blokland

“Bones, bones hard and strong — All connected so nothing goes wrong!”

In Kindergarten, we have been learning about our skeletons. We can put a paper skeleton together, knowing where all our major bones are located. Here is what we know about bones.

I know where my skull is.

I know my feet help me.

I know where my patella is.

But we had some things we wondered about ….

I wonder how people bones break.

I wonder if my skull can break really easily.

I wonder what is inside of your bones.

So we decided to ask an expert to come in …. Mrs. Johnson!

Mrs. Johnson works as an x-ray technician at the hospital and she agreed to come and teach a few more amazing things about bones.

Mrs. Johnson showed us some x-rays of when she was a little girl

She used celery to show us how bones can break. They can have a straight break or a spiral break.

Mrs. Johnson used a toilet paper roll to show us what it is like inside our bones. Did you know that blood is made in our bones?

And then Mrs. Johnson told us the most amazing thing …. you don’t have patellas when you are born. Your patellas are your kneecaps and you don’t grow them until you are 2 years old!!

We love learning about our skeleton. Thank you, Mrs Johnson, for answering our questions and teaching us more about the amazing way God has put together our bones.