Amazing Bones

The students in Grade 3-4 are learning about the human body and recently have been focusing on bones.

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They’ve learned that the human body has 206 bones and that each hand has 27 bones in it.

Babies have more bones than adults and until you are 2 years old you don’t have kneecap.

Bones give you shape and structure. Without your bones, you would just be a big pile of mush!

They found out that bones have a lot of funny names, such as patella, tibia and fibula. bones1

And then they had the opportunity to experience a bone up close when Mr. Johnson brought in a femur bone of a cow!

He managed to cut it apart for them to see what’s inside a bone.

bones2 bones3

They learned that bones aren’t solid all the way through. There is blood in your bones and the inside of your bones is soft. Bones need to be healthy because bones are alive!

It was a little gross, but so amazing to see how God has created us with bones that work together.

God is good and we can see his goodness in our bones!