Advertising God's promises

By Heidi Blokland

Each day we are bombarding by advertising. We see or hear many different images and messages that try to get us to do something, buy something, or even think something.

Recently the students in Grade 5-7 thought about the power of advertising and wondered if it could be used in a positive way.

They spent time reading through the promises that God makes to us in the Bible. There are many!

And then they took what they learned about advertising and used it to create an advertisement for one of God’s promises.

They planned their advertisement, taking into consideration colours and images that would help their message be seen and heard.

Each student has a sketch book where they work on drafts of their ideas.

Taking time to draw out their plan helps the students to visualize and rework their ideas. It allows them to use feedback to improve upon their final product.

In the end they create beautiful work that is well thought out.

May these advertisements for God’s promises inspire us, may they enable us to think differently and live differently, because we know that we are loved by God.

We pray that you will be filled with God’s love today and that his love will flow out of you.

May your life be a walking advertisement for God!

Love God. Love Others.