Shining Kindergarteners!


The students in Kindergarten always have a lot of fun in their classroom. They listen to stories, they build with blocks, they dress up, they paint, and they also think about big things! Today they are thinking about how they can shine.

Mrs. Daye began by talking to her students about Christmas and how we celebrate Jesus’ birthday at Christmas. Usually we give someone a present for their birthday. What is the best birthday present we can give Jesus? We can be kind to others.

The students came up with a great big list of all the kind things they can do in December. Take a look at their ideas:

  • give food to the food bank
  • shovel snow
  • put up Christmas lights
  • decorate the Christmas tree
  • visit Grandma and Grandpa
  • bake cookies
  • build a gingerbread house
  • say Merry Christmas
  • sing Christmas songs
  • give presents

But they did more than just talk about how they can shine – they wrote and drew about how they will shine.

The students are all working hard to learn the letters and sounds and today they had a chance to practice what they are learning as they wrote about how they will shine.

They have some great ideas of how to shine. We pray that as these children shine for Jesus, it will be God’s love that flows out of them. And we hope that you are inspired and encouraged by their suggestions.

How will you shine this December?

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